Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Im obsessed lately with making colour palettes. If not for the films i'm working on, but for photos i have in mind to take. getonit.

Our house of cards..

Patience has grown fondly of us.
Decades as one has drawn us so tightly.
A love stronger than the force we thought
could cause this house of cards to tumble.

You were one always ahead of the pack,
All you ever needed was in your hands,
No matter what you were dealt,
You always had one up your sleave.

Our life was once shuffled into a full house,
Hearts and diamonds, our children so dear.
Smiles were only the beginning of what we shared.
With you I never did fear.

Like all games ours had to end,
Not with celebration I’m afraid.
But I’m afraid.
Alone I am now, cards sprawled over this table.

Scared I am to now know
how simple life holds together.
An equilibrium of life I have learnt,
that with calamity can come wisdom.

When life poses questions about fairness it can be hard to seek
positivity and optimism.
My grandma amazes me every day.
She loved my grandpa so much, and many years on I can still see her
eyes glisten when she speaks of him.

Inspired by her I wrote this,
thinking about how hard life would be without
her great optimism and outlook on life.

For anyone who has lost something dear.