Wednesday, April 29, 2009

you cant avoid the polaroid.

June 2008 saw the end of instant film production.
While factory doors closed in Mexico and the Netherlands many a Polaroid junkie attacked the world of ebay to scoop up the last off the assembly line. While the lovely lomos continue to keep the analogue film world alive, The Impossible Project seeks to revolutionise and reinvent the art of instant film.
Among the walls of the old Polaroid factories on their once clockwork machines, the race is on to produce a new material that can be used by 2010. The plan is to make film that will be fully functional with old-school Polaroid cameras and products.

All the machines are still fully connected and operational and to setup such a unique and highly specialised setup today would cost approx. 100 million EUR. Complete with 11 of the world's best bald (no really!) engineers and developers they will research and develop a new solution to replace or upgrade problematic and expensive components so it's more el cheapo for us!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the hippie unleashes.

I cant seem to turf something that isn't broken or could be used for something else.
Vinylux has the same idea. They use old records and sleeves to reinvent their products such as; bowls, notebooks, coasters etc.
100% wind-powered, Know your product on High st Northcote, is another shop I like for this purpose. Somewhat like a trading post but in a store, they have a heap of old furniture and nick nacks for your house as well as little kooky post-war trinkets.

This what Wikipedia named my band.
I dont mind it at all actually..
Violinst and double bass, a must.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Li Wei; an odyssey.

Its amazing what some wires mirrors and yoga can produce..
Not only is a great trick-photographer but his take on life is one to check out too.
check it out.