Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun that we have.

So "Julian Plenti" aka Paul Banks from Interpol has a new album coming out early August.
I suggest everyone get on the bandwagon of musical awesomeness and download his free track off the album Skyscraper.

Things I took photos of today
Two old men laughing on a park bench smoking
A family loading suitcases into a Taxi while the driver abuses another driver
40 pairs of shoes hanging from a telephone wire
A fruiterer setting up shop for the day
A small Asian lady crying unnoticed surrounded by people on a city corner
Two convenience stall owners bickering in their booth
Dusk sunlight streaming through an alleyway lighting a little girl in red

and why haven't I just posted them?
..because some silly billy here thought there was film in her camera; turned out there wasn't.
epic fail.