Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ray Caesar to the rescue!

If anyone can help me procrastinate from editing the film I'm meant to be working on its Ray Caesar. Good on him. As per usual he fits the criteria; slightly whacked and oddly talented.
Once an architect, then a medical graphic artist, he decided to get into animation and special effects.
..not to mention selling pantyhose on the side and lending a hand to MUFON.

He's an interesting guy I swear. *love*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the perfect hump day;

Beer, Delphic and some Dave Ma.

So I may have a little crush on Delphic.. and probably Dave Ma by the look of his film clips..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun that we have.

So "Julian Plenti" aka Paul Banks from Interpol has a new album coming out early August.
I suggest everyone get on the bandwagon of musical awesomeness and download his free track off the album Skyscraper.

Things I took photos of today
Two old men laughing on a park bench smoking
A family loading suitcases into a Taxi while the driver abuses another driver
40 pairs of shoes hanging from a telephone wire
A fruiterer setting up shop for the day
A small Asian lady crying unnoticed surrounded by people on a city corner
Two convenience stall owners bickering in their booth
Dusk sunlight streaming through an alleyway lighting a little girl in red

and why haven't I just posted them?
..because some silly billy here thought there was film in her camera; turned out there wasn't.
epic fail.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black Magic

Because everyone likes a dark movie time to time.

While I find Elephant and 2:37 oddly too similar but beautiful in their own way,
Tout est Parfait is in its own league.
Found myself laughing at times..

Crossing paths

I have recently come to the conclusion that Israelis and Iranians definitely know how to make a film to two. Or Ten.
Check out the praised Abbas Kiarostami film, Ten (2002)
Shot with a couple of DV Cameras strapped to the dash of a car, Kiarostami gives only little direction to his actors, letting his story unfold.
A rare look into the hearts and minds of a real woman's life in Tehran.

Probably my favourite short film in a long time is
Offside (2005)
Part of a trilogy created by Guy Nattiv and Erez Tadmor, they have recieved over twenty-five awards collectively. Primarily based on the personal experience of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Nattiv and Tadmor form an undercurrent in all of their work; the importance that true peace must start on a personal level before it can become global.

Their Feature-length film, Strangers (2007) was also released last year and well worth the look.
During his travels to meet his e-girlfriend for the world cup finals in Berlin, Israeli Eyal (Livon Liro) meets the effervescent Rana (Lubna Azabal), a passionate young woman with many loose ends. When their paths cross unexpectedly, they are drawn and spend their time falling in love in Berlin, losing themselves in one another oblivious to their responsibilities.
When times of war heat up between Israel and Lebanon the bonds of their friendship are tested. In a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, the two are challenged in all walks of life; by family, friends and the politics that surround them noted by their home countries.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

badge victim.

Some badges I've made the last few weeks here and there when i get bored.
Soon to be many more, and organised into sets.
Im in the process of designing a website and getting ready to sell at markets and some boutique clothing stores.
Any requests?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

blow, blow, thou winter wind

It seems it isn't getting any warmer, but its a great time for some fun pictures.
These are some location stills i took for the short film 'Corvus' I am production designer for.
In the lovely small town of Dumbalk, south-east of Melbourne, will be our home for a week while we shoot. It's very cold, its very wet, but home to the most welcoming family in the southern hemisphere; I'm sure of it.
Located on private land, here is their serene backyard.

A girl can dream.

I'm cold now.. warm up with me to this fine tune. i heart it.

The Golden Filter - Solid Gold

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

you cant avoid the polaroid.

June 2008 saw the end of instant film production.
While factory doors closed in Mexico and the Netherlands many a Polaroid junkie attacked the world of ebay to scoop up the last off the assembly line. While the lovely lomos continue to keep the analogue film world alive, The Impossible Project seeks to revolutionise and reinvent the art of instant film.
Among the walls of the old Polaroid factories on their once clockwork machines, the race is on to produce a new material that can be used by 2010. The plan is to make film that will be fully functional with old-school Polaroid cameras and products.

All the machines are still fully connected and operational and to setup such a unique and highly specialised setup today would cost approx. 100 million EUR. Complete with 11 of the world's best bald (no really!) engineers and developers they will research and develop a new solution to replace or upgrade problematic and expensive components so it's more el cheapo for us!
*emily likes this

join the countdown.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the hippie unleashes.

I cant seem to turf something that isn't broken or could be used for something else.
Vinylux has the same idea. They use old records and sleeves to reinvent their products such as; bowls, notebooks, coasters etc.
100% wind-powered, Know your product on High st Northcote, is another shop I like for this purpose. Somewhat like a trading post but in a store, they have a heap of old furniture and nick nacks for your house as well as little kooky post-war trinkets.

This what Wikipedia named my band.
I dont mind it at all actually..
Violinst and double bass, a must.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Li Wei; an odyssey.

Its amazing what some wires mirrors and yoga can produce..
Not only is a great trick-photographer but his take on life is one to check out too.
check it out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


only the best website ever.

Im obsessed lately with making colour palettes. If not for the films i'm working on, but for photos i have in mind to take. getonit.

Our house of cards..

Patience has grown fondly of us.
Decades as one has drawn us so tightly.
A love stronger than the force we thought
could cause this house of cards to tumble.

You were one always ahead of the pack,
All you ever needed was in your hands,
No matter what you were dealt,
You always had one up your sleave.

Our life was once shuffled into a full house,
Hearts and diamonds, our children so dear.
Smiles were only the beginning of what we shared.
With you I never did fear.

Like all games ours had to end,
Not with celebration I’m afraid.
But I’m afraid.
Alone I am now, cards sprawled over this table.

Scared I am to now know
how simple life holds together.
An equilibrium of life I have learnt,
that with calamity can come wisdom.

When life poses questions about fairness it can be hard to seek
positivity and optimism.
My grandma amazes me every day.
She loved my grandpa so much, and many years on I can still see her
eyes glisten when she speaks of him.

Inspired by her I wrote this,
thinking about how hard life would be without
her great optimism and outlook on life.

For anyone who has lost something dear.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Everything must have a beginning.

To start the year off, i thought i'd start a blog.

Somewhere to shove all those forgotten drawings, tucked away photos and creative bits and pieces that otherwise would be left alone.

I love photography and drawing, and I'm in my third year of uni studying Film & TV.

Between me and my sharpie pen, we shall be dominating the online world of blogville, so look out cruel world!
*insert tumbleweed here*